Skills Develpoment

We encourage children to strengthen the skills that they naturally have.

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Relationship & friendship development is an important goal of the AAL program.

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Outdoor trips

Visits to the museums, art gallery & more!

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The Autism & Arts in the Laurentian program has been awarded a grant from UNITY FOR AUTISM to subsidize our 2019-2020 program year. Read about it in Main Street’s February 2019 edition:

Main Street AAL news


Main Street News

AAL is a free weekly arts program and friendship club offered at 2 locations in the Laurentians of Quebec.

Laurentian Regional High School (LRHS)

    448 Ave d'Argenteuil
    Lachute, Québec J8H 1W9
    AAL’s LRHS Clubroom is open every Wednesday 11:30AM – 5:00PM

Participants are welcome to socialize and/or work on personal creative projects (art supplies and stop-motion studio stations are available). NEW! Thanks to the I.O.O.F. Beaver Lodge #6, AAL is now able to offer our participants the experience of VIRTUAL REALITY! The clubroom and VR system at LRHS is available every Wednesday before AAL’s structured art activity (which is 3:00-5:00 PM). Transportation home on Wednesday is available for LRHS students who need it at a subsidized cost of $2.00 per taxi ride. Additional sessions during the week are also offered however, $2 late day transportation may or may not be available.

Sainte Agathe Academy (SAA)

    26 Rue Napoléon
    Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Québec J8C 1Z3
    AAL’s SAA activities take place every Friday 1:40 -3:00 PM

AAL@SAA is a structured in-school arts program which operates out of the Community Learning Center room. Joint activities between SAA and LRHS are planned for 2019. AAL is offered weekly at both locations during the school year (mid-September to mid-June) with varying social activities during the summer months.


AAL logo

AAL is a free weekly activity based recreation / friendship program for English speaking autistic individuals who live in Laurentians. An art based program was chosen as the benefits of artistic expression on the lives of individuals on the spectrum are well documented (i.e. improved mental health, communication and social engagement).

ARTS PROGRAM: The benefit of art and creative expression on a person's mental health and well-being are universally recognized. Our arts program covers a broad range of fun and stimulating activities led by local professional artists and contributors. Participants are encouraged to try new things to step out of their comfort zones; all within a stimulating and nurturing environment.

Some of our arts program activities include:

    Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Print making, Mix-medium and more!
    Dramatic & Multi-media Arts: Videography, Claymotion/ Stop-Motion, Improv, Story-Telling & more!
    Music & Dance:Singing, Jam Sessions, Drumming circles, Percussion & Ukuleles workshops, Musical Theatre and more!

FRIENDSHIP CLUB: Our program aims to offer a safe and supportive space for individuals with autism to develop relationships amongst themselves and with caring and engaged members of our communities. To accomplish this, social time is an integral part of each weekly session; as are field trips and group outings to centers of art/culture (museums, festivals, etc), local community and autism specific events.

Some of our past and up-coming field trips & group activities:

    Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
    Ottawa International Animation Festival
    National Art Gallery
    Spectrum Productions
    Autism Speaks Canada Montreal Walk
    LRHS Christmas Community Breakfast & Craft Sale
    Autism & Arts in the Laurentians Benefit Car Wash (in Lachute) and Local Autism Awareness
    Month events hosted by Autism & Arts in the Laurentians

The need for an activity based recreation / friendship program was identified by families of the Anglophone teens & young adults within the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) living in the Laurentians.

These families reported the lack of or limited autism specific services provide solely for the English speaking community of the Laurentians, feelings of isolation as well as increasing mental health issues. While there are Autism specific services for the Francophone community within the Laurentian region, English specific services & events are limited to the greater Montreal or Ottawa regions and many families are unable to participate in these due to lack of resources. In addition, the commute time to and from these regions further impedes the participation of these families.

Thus, a growing number of families within the Anglophone community of Laurentian, and requiring autism specific services, compelled the creation of the AAL program.


    AAL is a non-profit community based program which operates through the Community Learning Center (funded by Heritage Canada) and is supported by Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board, Laurentian Regional High School and Sainte Agathe Academy. AAL's programming costs are met through grants, fundraising events and the generosity of our sponsors and donors. The program is managed mainly by volunteers and is a labour of love for all involved.

AAL partners


    Unity for Autism Grant: 2018 - $20,000 Unity for Autism Logo
    Autism Speaks Canada - Family Service Community Innovation Grant: 2017 - $25,000 Autism speaks Canada Logo
    Independent Order OF Odd Fellows - Beaver Lodge #6 2018: Adoption of AAL as an ongoing project IOOF Beaver Lodge #6


Pictures from various workshops


Activities include painting, drawing, sculpting and more.


Field trips to expand the mind


Drama renactment, skits, plays & film making


Stop motion


Using instruments like guitars, violin & flutes


Fund raising events and activities

Our Team

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Community Development Agent

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Who would’ve thought that a simple after-school club could change someone’s life? Before AAL, I would’ve said that this was impossible, but it isn’t. I remember the moment it first started like it was yesterday. Nervous faces, some more shy than others, all anxiously waiting to meet the people around us, the ones who would eventually become our second family. The ones who would eventually become our shoulders to cry on, laugh with, struggle with and have the most awesome inside jokes with! This room full of strangers would soon be all best friends. On a personal level, I was mostly nervous because art scared me! Art was my worst subject, and I had promised myself that I would never do art ever again. However, AAL proved otherwise. Through AAL, I am able to express myself in ways I didn't know were possible. Being the person I am, one particular memory will stay with me; the singing. When I was little, I adored singing. Hence, I would drive my parents crazy, but my confidence descended so much that I have not sang in front of people in four years. AAL gave me the confidence and support I needed to be comfortable with myself again. It did take some convincing, but the amazing team does help us feel more confident and come out of our shells. Through painting, stop motion, and so many other fun stuff, I am able to regain my confidence, while trying new exciting things. Because of this club, I have the skills and knowledge to make a Stop Motion movie, a puppet, a painting, a clay animal, a blue screen film, just to name a few! It is not only the art that makes AAL memorable, it is the bonds. From the moment we enter the room to the minute we leave school, we are cared for and feel wanted. Someone will be there to laugh with you and to make you smile. No matter your age, you will be asked how your day was and simply, feel loved! In a world where there is so much hate, we are lucky to call AAL our safe space, one where we can truly be our best version of ourselves. That family like bond we all share is what makes my Wednesday nights all worth it. “Being part of something special doesn’t make it special- something is special because you’re a part of it” -Glee Simply put, AAL has changed my life.

Jessica Dinelle
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What I like about AAL club is making new friends and doing thing with other people. I liked doing the activities that we have been doing in the past, going to museums and getting to knowing everyone. AAL is lots of fun. We get to learn thing that we didn’t know before. I’m learning what autism is really about.

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I like to make art and go traveling to different places. I really liked film-making on bluescreen and I liked to make puppets and plushies. AAL is fun!

Benjamin Lachapelle
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I enjoy watching the members make new friends, flourish and share in their accomplishments and creativity. I volunteer because I was shown that it is important to give back to our community and in volunteering with AAL, I am fortunate that I receive more than I give.

Kathy Low
testimonial image

This program is amazing, the CLC is remarkable. My son went from the most challenging and solitary grade school years in a French school board and now after having only done a bit more than half a year of high school at LRHS and AAL and he is finally respected, understood and loved. He's out almost every weekend with friends. I can't express enough my gratitude to all the volunteers at AAL.

Carole Beland
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Autism & Arts in the Laurentians (AAL) is the best place for families and friends to come together in a calm, laid-back and creative environment for adults and kids of all ages. They offer a mass amount of recreational activities after-school and most after work hours, such as Painting, Music, Acting, Improvision and many more! They have schedules to keep track of any future special activities to keep everyone organized. Apart from the various activities we partake in, they help with life skills for those who are struggling with coping with Autism whether it be taking care of your child, friend or yourself as an individual. This club is unique. Here at AAL, we're more than just a club; we're family. Come and join us on this creative adventure!

, Matthew Boisvert
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AAL has changed my life because before I joined the group I didn’t have any autistic friends, or so I thought. When my mom asked me if I wanted to join AAL, I was nervous because I thought I wouldn’t know anyone and that I would have to go to a new place and learn new names. It turned out that I didn’t need to go to a place I didn’t know. I knew almost everyone there so I was comfortable. It became part of my routine that on Wednesday’s I go to group and do lots of fun things. Most of all I get to be myself and no one makes fun of me!

Raven Alain
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